Time of Refreshment

Dear Celebrated One,

Freely come to Me and drink of My abundant waters. Drink until your sun parch mouth is quenched. I will fully satisfy every dry and weary place. I will fill you with My Living Water that refreshes even the driest of deserts.

I have come that you would have life and life abundantly, nothing lacking. The days of endless digging and coming up dry have ended. I have struck the rocky ground and a stream of life giving water flows to you. My hidden underground streams have emerged to saturate and restore you.

The seeds planted during the drought have not been lost or come to barreness. They have been watered by My steadfast faithfulness to you. Your garden oasis is fertile, prolific and producing exponentially.

Let My Living Waters wash away every doubt and fear of never having enough. Let My refreshing rain envelope you to overflow.
The time of refreshment has come.

Isaiah 41:18
“I will open rivers on the barren heights
And springs in the midst of the valleys;
I will make the wilderness a reed-pool of water
And the dry land springs of water.”

Blessings of overflow to you!

Joanie Holsapple

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