Ready to Emerge

Dear Celebrated One,

In a covering of obscurity and darkness, the caterpillar awaits. During it’s transformation, the old body dies and a new body forms inside a protective shell known as a chrysalis. Here, the butterflie’s wings are fully formed for flight.

Like the butterfly, He has been growing and transforming you, into His image. The time spent in the chrysalis has not been wasted, but a valuable place of growth and renewal. Looking from the outside, no one could see the metamorphism taking place.

At times, it may have seemed that you would never leave the confines of the surrounding walls; now, the time has arrived to emerge and take flight. Your beautiful multicolored wings have been developed to rise above the earth and to soar into new territory. He has  empowered you to go far beyond where you once tread. With your mind transformed and your vision clear, in the light of your new identity, there is no turning back to the old.

As you awaited your wings to form, you knew in the depths of your heart that your true identity was to fly. And that there would be a new day emerging, when you would experience unimaginably more than before. Though it was beyond your comprehension, as to how it would happen, you believed.  The longings and desires of your heart were the calling of your true destiny that He ordained for you.

A reflection of His image and handiwork is your new and intricate beauty.  The old limited mindset has fallen away, as you trust in His unlimited store of possibilities.  Recognizing your true potential, you steadily pressed through, with hopeful expectation for His promises to be realized.

Your renewed strength has positioned you to experience life from a higher altitude and a new attitude.   He has prepared you for the day of your debut.  You are unrecognizable and unstoppable.  Fly butterfly! Fly!

Blessings to you in abundance!

Joanie Holsapple

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