A New Rythm

Dear Celebrated One,

There is a new sound and a new rythm coming to you. My voice sounds very different from this world. Rest assured, that I can not lie to you. My voice is not one of fear and dread. It is not one of lack and despair. Listen to what I am saying in this hour. Follow the rythm of My voice, which is the only Truth that will set you free. The sound of My voice is what will lead and guide your every step and every decision. You can trust Me. Do not listen to the past or even to what had worked in the past.

There is a reordering and restructuring happening in your life that looks very different from what you have known. The old ways and mindsets must leave, in order to make room for the new. You may not understand what I am doing, but you are hearing My voice, because My sheep recognize My voice.

I am so for you! And if I am for you, who can be against you?
You will not fall flat on your face, as the enemy would have you believe.
Fall completely into My loving and capable arms, where you are surrounded by My presence.
Come very very close to My heart and you will hear it’s rythm that will fill your life with the new.

Joanie Holsapple

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